The three (+1) ways to get Remmina on Debian 9 “Stretch”

Debian Stretch

Some weeks ago, we posted an article about the lack of Remmina package in Debian 9 “Stretch”. At that time, it seemed that a solution was easy to achieve. Sadly, we were wrong. We are still working with our Debian friends to get a working Remmina in Debian 9 by backports, but… it’s a long way (if you want rock ‘n’roll).

Indeed, we are still receiving a lot of email, asking us how to get Remmina on Debian 9. As we are writing this blog post, there are three way, each one of them has pros and cons.

First: compile it

Follow the guide on our wiki – it works on Intel, must change some details for ARM. That’s the hard way, but it simply works!

Second: snap it

Download the snap package, again see our wiki. It works well, but there are currently three major problems:

  1. passwords are not saved in the keyring (unless you install and use the snap gnome-keyring)
  2. missing icons (some workaround exists)
  3. inability to access your SSH keys (unless you copy them in the snap folder).
Third: old but gold
A user wrote a post, explaining how to install an old version of Remmina, the very simple way. It’s an old version of Remmina, but it’s working quite well.
NOTE: please don’t open issues for that version, because it’s out of maintenence.

At last: the best way

One of our developers is working to pack Remmina in an AppImage package. The things are going quite well (we don’t need to wait for someone else but us! 😉 ), and we think we can release it soonish! Easy and fast, this will be the best way to install Remmina in Debian 9, without significant cons – until backports.

Keep on following our blog till the next post!

The photo of this post is by Elizabeth K. Joseph on Flickr

8 thoughts on “The three (+1) ways to get Remmina on Debian 9 “Stretch”

    • Probably has something to do with an insane record for reliability and security. Devuan? LOL! Who would have throught somebody would make a distro BASED on Debian, then use an older init system than them! Can’t make that crap up!

      • Yeah, you don’t know a thing about why people don’t like systemd. At least systemv only did one thing, and that was be an init system.

  • I simply added the Jessie repo to my /etc/apt/sources.list. And then installed Remmina from Jessie in Stretch. Works perfectly. Since everyone seems to have really big problems about it, do I miss something?

    I use Remmina mostly for connecting to Windows 2k12 servers. And I need it badly, because most other rdp programs do not work because of some problems with certificates which is too complicated for me. It means I have not tested Remmina connections other than RDP.

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