Remmina Christmas 2016 release

Change Log

v1.2.0-rcgit.17 (2016-12-22)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • When “Server” GtkComboBox is selected, TAB key doesn’t work #1049

Closed issues:

  • Advanced Settings for RDP connections #1043
  • error: ‘rdpGdi {aka struct rdp_gdi}’ has no member named ‘bytesPerPixel’ #1028
  • Remmina crashes attempting VNC connection to Mac OS X Yosemite #517
  • Remmina can no longer recognize RDP authentication failure #507
  • SSH-Tunneled VNC connection randomly hangs #480
  • Long connection times when forwarding RDP connections through SSH #452
  • Issue with PPA mentioned in Wiki #439
  • Remmina crashes copying from remoted computer and pasting into remoting one #411
  • font smoothing – some fonts are not smoothed #382
  • Remmina blocks and I have to disconnect every 20 minutes #332
  • Keyboard Mapping #261
  • Remmina crash when running towards server with xrdp 0.7.0 #234
  • Resolution of Client Viewport not functioning correct #205

Merged pull requests:

4 thoughts on “Remmina Christmas 2016 release

  • Hi.
    Great work with remmina.

    I need help to connect to windows server 2012 r2 – shadowing a user session.

    How can it be done using remmina?

  • Hi Joao Pedro,

    The Remmina RDP plugin, behind the scenes, uses FreeRDP library to connect to a windows server. Therefore if FreeRDP doesn’t support this option, Remmina cannot as well.

    The first thing to do is to connect the FreeRDP guys, through their github issues page, and ask to implement it if they can.

    A workaround, maybe, it’s to connect to the windows server as adminstrator and with the RDP manager ask to shadow the user’s session. Sorry if the wording it’s not correct, but I don’t know well this part of RDP.

    For the future, you can post these kind of questions through Github, G+ or reddit.

  • Having Remmina on my Laptop, performs great.

    Now Using it on a RPI3 but the fastest rdp-client i tried uses direct buffer
    is there an option for in with remmina ?
    Or a separate rpi built with it?

    great work on the project

    • Hi ralph,
      it depends on which linux distribution is installed on RPi3. For all ubuntu derivatives our PPA “remmina-next” supports the armhf architecture. To use the PPA, take a look at the Remmina Wiki.

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