Debian: The Boys Are Back(port) in Town

On a previous post earlier this year, we promised that Remmina 1.2 would be available on Debian 9 “Stretch”. Well, now that day is come. Remmina is now available through the Debian stretch-backports. We thank the lovely Debian community, especially Matteo F. Vescovi, who made this possible. AND… good news for Ubuntu (and derivates) users too:[…]

Remmina Warp Edition

So here we are, with a ton of good stuff! This special Remmina Warp Edition release feature a Multi Password Changer (by @giox069 ), an improved RDP Gateway support, a better SSH tunneling and lots of bug fixing. But… the list of enhancements is much more longer: Brand new Multi Password Changer Improved support for RDP[…]

Remmina 1.2 will be available on Debian 9 “Stretch”

Hello Remminers! We love that our software is available and updated on different systems, and we have a direct connection with many distribution maintainers. So, we’ve got some news from our friends at Debian, as they’re releasing a brand new version of their wonderful system. First: Remmina 1.1 won’t be available on the upcoming Debian[…]

Remmina Valentine Edition

With love from The Remmina team, here it comes the Remmina Valentine Edition: Change Log v1.2.0-rcgit.18 (2017-02.14) Full Changelog Implemented enhancements: No prompt information while another login using the same account #1114 (nanxiongchao) snap: add CMake generated snapcraft.yaml and make snap #1102 (3v1n0) Fixed bugs: full screen window placement with multiple monitors #124 Closed issues:[…]