Remmina Valentine Edition


With love from The Remmina team, here it comes the Remmina Valentine Edition:

Change Log

v1.2.0-rcgit.18 (2017-02.14)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • No prompt information while another login using the same account #1114 (nanxiongchao)
  • snap: add CMake generated snapcraft.yaml and make snap #1102 (3v1n0)

Fixed bugs:

  • full screen window placement with multiple monitors #124

Closed issues:

  • Auto-Reconnect function #1099
  • RDP Plugin not found after Update #1094
  • Remmina-1.2.0-rcgit.17 build error #1090
  • Remote Windows program crashes when accessed by Remmina RDP #1083
  • Crashing since upgraded to 1.2.0-rcgit-17 #1077
  • Remmina windows unmovable/unresizable #1073
  • Russian translation fixes #1071
  • English fixes #1040
  • Compile failed on Archlinux #1012
  • RDP connections or whole Remmina are crashing regularly #778
  • xfce4 applet gone? #609
  • Bad port stored into known_hosts2 #604
  • no puedo ver la impresora por remmnia #578
  • Uzbek language support #560
  • Getting message that VNC plugin is not installed even though it is #559

Merged pull requests:


4 thoughts on “Remmina Valentine Edition

    • TL;DR It’s a Dedian issue, we can’t do nothing about it.

      Yes, we know and unlucky we can do really not much except speaking with the Debian maintainers, that it’s something we are doing.
      Till the next Debian release Remmina won’t be officially included and you can only blame the Debian policy :-\
      In Stretch we will probably have the 1.1 and than, hopefully we will have a backport later of 1.2.
      Luckily the Debian Remote Team is taking care about this, so I hope they will come out with a solution.

      • “In Stretch we will probably have the 1.1 and than, hopefully we will have a backport later of 1.2”

        Well, no.
        Jörg, with bug #863302, actually requested to remove remmina from testing, that is Stretch. 😉
        We’ll work on adding v1.2 directly to stretch-bpo and buster, hopefully.


  • Just a small update from the Debian maintainers: unfortunately there will be no Remmina 1.1 on Debian Stretch9. I hope we will be able to have a 1.2 as backport or external package as soon as we can.

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