Remmina places 2nd in 2018 Tech Radar review

Tech Radar 2018 review

People at TechRadar wrote their periodic review of the “Best Linux remote desktop clients: Top 5 RDC in 2018”. The good news is that Remmina is one of them, placing in second position (out of five), behind TigerVNC (or TightVNC? 😉).

TechRadar wrote:

“Remmina scores decently in the performance department and gives you the flexibility to change connection quality settings on the fly. The client supports the widest range of protocols and will connect to all kinds of remote desktop servers. Remmina doesn’t have its own server software, but you can use it for all sorts of remote connections to all kinds of servers. Sadly, Remmina lacks some extra functionality that you get with other clients such as the ability to transfer files.”

Well, they tested Remmina and others using only VNC, that’s not the primary Remmina business, but we are happy to be among the best.

What do you think about it? Do you think we have to improve Remmina’s VNC experience? Share your thoughts with us, and leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Remmina places 2nd in 2018 Tech Radar review

  • I use Remmina for RDP connections, and on those you can share your local drives. Reviews will always focus on what is lacking, rather on what the programs can do best. I use Remmina with ssh, VNC and RDP connections and it has not failed once (this, on Slackware-current). I support 20 countries around the world and have a total of 154 connections. The only program similar to it is mRemoteNG for Windows. Long live Remmina and its creators, maintainers and supporters!

  • I use both. Remmina for rdp via a plugin and tiger for vnc. Tiger does one thing I can’t figure out how to do in Remmina, and it’s the only reason I use it because I don’t actually like the interface in tiger: I have 2 1920×1080 screens at home. I have 2 1920×1080 screens at work. Tiger connects, via vnc (x11vnc is the server) and goes fullscreen on both of my displays at once. So it all maps perfectly. Remmina just goes full screen on the display its window is on, which is also useful.

    I would love to be able to do that in Remmina, ideally for any protocol and not just vnc. Go fullscreen on just this display, or on both displays.

    I don’t know how tiger does it. And it seems to be broken as of the most recent xorg (now it just hangs my whole x11 session).

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