Remmina 1.2 will be available on Debian 9 “Stretch”

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Hello Remminers! We love that our software is available and updated on different systems, and we have a direct connection with many distribution maintainers. So, we’ve got some news from our friends at Debian, as they’re releasing a brand new version of their wonderful system.

First: Remmina 1.1 won’t be available on the upcoming Debian 9 “Stretch”. That is a sad news for us, but we cannot criticize that decision, because Remmina 1.1 is an old and unsupported version of Remmina.

Closing a door, opening a window: the solid and newest Remmina 1.2 will soon be available on Debian 9 via backports. More details in the coming days.

Stay tuned! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Remmina 1.2 will be available on Debian 9 “Stretch”

    • Hi, thanks for asking.

      We really don’t know at the moment.
      The Debian team is working with the Libssh project in order to obtain an official statement of compatibility with openssl 1.1
      As soon as this will be “fixed” we hope that the libssh bug will be closed and someone, in Debian, will take care of Remmina.

      In the meanwhile you’ve two choices, compiling Remmina yourself following our wiki, or using the snap, that actually have 3 annoying issues with ssh, missing icons and it crash with audio sharing.

      • Without Remmina my Linux machine would be only partially useful. Seems like I need to hold of the upgrade from Jessie to Stretch. I’ll try compiling this weekend.

        Thank you for the info.

  • just upgraded to stretch, ran jessie unstable repo iirc for remmina, needed the older ssl but installed without removing any packages or adding anything else. dropped repo after to wait for official support

  • I too missed Remmina badly on my just finished Stretch installation. (And very happy that I did not dist-upgrade my production machines yet!)

    My requirements are simple: to connect to Windows servers without worrying about certificates, SSL problems and security protocols. It is used inside a LAN. I tried rdesktop and xfreerdp and their associated family members. None worked. I am not interested in certificates for my simple applications but rdesktop and xfreerdp do not want to hear that.

    The REALLY good news is that I was able to install Remmina from Buster (Testing) without any problems. Just added Buster to my repository and it installed without a hitch. It is still Remmina 1.1 but that worked for me.

    For the noobs:
    sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
    Add this line:
    deb buster main contrib non-free
    Save and close
    sudo apt get update && sudo apt-get install remmina
    Once finished, remove that line again and run
    sudo apt-get update
    You don’t want to track testing.


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