Remmina 1.2.0.rcgit.7 Released!

In the last few weeks we have fixed several bugs, enhanced Remmina with some new features, and updated our website. Have a look, install and enjoy it! Change Log 1.2.0-rcgit.7 (2015-12-17) Full Changelog Implemented enhancements: Icons not shown at the correct size in the main window’s listview/treeview #701 Reduce main window icons size fixes #701[…]

Remmina 0.9.0 released!

This release is mainly focused on enhancing the main program. Tray icon was added, with even more features than the original panel applet package. That’s why I think it shouldn’t be a problem to remove the panel applet packages from 0.9, but feel free to let me know if you think this is not appropriate.[…]