Ubuntu 16.04 remmina-next PPA package naming

Today we are going to change freerdp package naming on our remmina-next PPA for ubuntu 16.04. Desktop users should push the “Partial Upgrade” button when a system update will ask to do it, and then proceed with the partial upgrade. Command line users should use “apt dist-upgrade” instead of “apt upgrade”, or Remmina packages will[…]

We have Stats

As already wrote in our previous post, Remmina now lets users send us some statistic about the usage of our beloved program. Again: we collect only anonymous data, you can look a sample of data. Now everybody can see a summary of those data, in the new page “Remmina Usage Statistics” on our website. Well,[…]

Debian: The Boys Are Back(port) in Town

On a previous post earlier this year, we promised that Remmina 1.2 would be available on Debian 9 “Stretch”. Well, now that day is come. Remmina is now available through the Debian testing and unstable. We thank the lovely Debian community, especially Matteo F. Vescovi, who made this possible. AND… good news for Ubuntu (and derivates)[…]