Remmina usage statistics

This is an automatic generated report of usage statistics collected among volunteer Remmina users.

None of this data can be easily linked to a specific person and none of the collected data may be considered sensible. Neverthanless, if you are partecipating in this study, you can opt-out at any moment, contacting the Remmina maintainers (Antenore, Giovanni and Dario).

Remmina is a Free/Libre and Open Source Software, maintained by 3 busy daddies, having a limited time to work on the project.
We have started this analisys to optimize the work we do. Understanding how and on which platform Remmina is used, it's a key factor for us.

If you want to have an in-depth look at how and which stats we collect take a look at the Remmina Usage Statistics Documentation

Where Remmina is used in the world?

Nothing to say here except "привет!".

Discovering that most of our "registered" user base is from Russia, it came as surprise for us. Improving Remmina internationalization support, will be one of our priority.


Number of Statistics sent per day


Profiles Statistics

So far we have received 203529 batches of statistics from 58715 users participating in the study.

Remmina is used to administer remotely, 362590 servers among all the Remmina installations.

Since we have started to collect usage statistics, we have found a certain number of protocol plugins.

The name and the number of protocol plugins are expressed by the following chart.


The following chart show which protocol plugins were in use the last months.


Remmina Versions

Remmina is released from time to time against the latest commit available.
The following charts represent the versions and the commit hashes installed since we started to collect data.

Remmina release


Git Revision


Installation means

Here we want to show how many active Flatpaks and Snappy Remmina packages are in use.

Installation means


N° of profiles per installation means


System Statistics

Kernel Name


Kernel Architecture


Kernel Release


Linux Distributions

RAW Linux Distributions Data (hide/show)

GTK Statistics

Knowing which version of GTK you use, it's very important for us, because it allows us to use or not some functionalities.

GTK+ is evolving very fast, making part of our code base often deprecated. Luckily, the GTK+ team leave several months, if not years, before to remove completely certain functions. Therefore we prefere to replace old code, only when "almost" all of our users have updated their system with a relatively new version of GTK+.

Today we are quite anxious to move on and remove support for GTK+ versions older than 3.10, with 3.10 included, so we are keeping an eye on this charts quite often.

GTK Backend

The first chart represent what draws windows behind GTK+ and we have discoveredthat X11 is still the king of our pixels.


GTK Version

This chart show which version of GTK+ you use. Thanks for sharing ;-)

RAW GTK+ versions Data (hide/show)

Window Manager Statistics


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